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We have opened our doors to the Winmark Art Gallery featuring an impressive collection of works by talented Australian artists.


“Wine and Sculpture both age well”, David Ball. Winmark Wines Owner and Vigneron Karin Adcock is an avid collector of art and sculptures and David Ball’s monumental Biosis was the first of many sculptures to find their home at Winmark.

Explore the property to find the red Portals of Illusion or the newest installations of Lollipops, Celest and Fight or Flight sculptures. Find Bronze Flower and Field of Aggies set against the natural landmarks of the property. Winmark is a place of remarkable beauty and unexpected discovery.

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Felicia Aroney

Artists Statement 

Felicia Aroney is Western Australian born, now living and working in Sydney as a leading contemporary artist. Felicia draws inspiration from her European heritage, channeling the distressed and peeled painted facades of classical architecture. Working with oils and acrylics, her distinctive abstracted floral works, and contemporary abstracts she utilises a highly sculptural mark-making process. Using a palette knife to layer and shape the paint until it stands relief from the canvas. Her newly appointed collages are just another expression of Felicia`s love of her Australian environment. Felicia paintings evoke a sense of history and antiquity mixed with all things Australian. A wonderful synergy of her European heritage and Australian background. “As a child I recall the tactile nature of the surfaces in Europe. Both the uneven pebbled ground, and roughly rendered walls lead my imagination to a gate way to the past. Falling in love with the imperfections and embracing the spontaneity of ancient architecture and town planning have influenced my technique. Using a palette knife I create similar textures, layering paint, never striving for perfection nor overthinking my application, but rather feeling and trusting the process. Together with my love for both my European influences and my love for Australia’s flora, particularly my favourite flower, the hydrangea, I breathe life into my work” 


Represented by 6 Australian Art Galleries Over 50 solo and group exhibitions. Exhibited Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and Florence (Italy) Collaborations with “Designer Rugs” and “Fendi” Mosman Art Prize finalist Hornsby Art Prize finalist Lethbridge Art Prize finalist Blacktown Art Prize finalist Waverley Art Prize finalist Private collections Asia, Australia and Europe 



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James Ainslie’s preferred palette is acrylic paint on paper, with the occasional use of mixed media.

His forte is modern realism, although he also produces abstract art.

Ainslie’s paintings resonate with an inherent passion for the country’s unique beauty, particularly the sandy dunes and reflective waters of Queensland and South Australia.

Ainslie was born in SA in 1950, graduated in art from the South Australian School of Art and has exhibited throughout Australia and overseas since 1975. Sand and water have always inspired his work, harking back to a childhood in South Australia, spent playing around the Coorong and exploring the huge sand tracts around the Murray River. Now living in Noosa, he has turned his attention to the undulating dunes of Fraser Island and the many beaches along the Sunshine Coast shoreline.

Annual visits to Broome ensure that Kakadu and The Kimberley remain strong influences.

Ainslie was regularly an artist in residence at Ayers Rock, and was invited to represent South Australia in London with 6 other artists, and showed at the Museum of Fine Art in Pasadena, U.S.A. with Ainslie  Roberts and Garry Duncan. James won the prestigious Camberwell Flora & Fauna Prize in 1990 and was co-winner of the Barossa Valley Heritage Award.

His work is featured in prestigious collections such as Artbank; BP Australia; Reserve Bank of Australia; Mobil Australia; William Hancock collection, San Francisco; Banker’s Trust; Diamond Merchants, South Africa; and many public and private collections worldwide.

Represented by Without Pier ,Melbourne, Victoria ;Art Images ,Adelaide; Gallery One, Q.L.D.; Red Hill Gallery Q.L.D., Art Nuvo, Buderim Q.L.D.:Aarwun Gallery Canberra : Gallery: Manyung Gallery ,Vic.,.; Gallery Beneath ,Q.L.D , Shoalhaven Fine Art & Framing  gallery : N.S.W.: Lethbridge Gallery, Q.L.D.


Artist’s Statement


As an artist my paintings are often a direct result of a location.

It is the colours, textures, smells, patterns, in fact the essence of a place that inspires my Images. The interpretation may be realistic, but often may develop more abstractly.



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Erik Flygenring 

Erik Flygenring is a Danish artist who was always dedicated to drawing, painting, sculpturing, even throughout his working life as a consultant surveyor. Upon his retirement in 2008 he became a fulltime artist working from his work shop at home, in Troense a tiny island near Svenborg located in the Southern provincial part of Denmark, where he lives with his wife Birgit.

Erik spends his time creating oil paintings and small sculptures in wood and bronze.

Each piece represents a minor fantasy universe of various human characteristics, habits, feelings and reflections. The wooden sculptures are produced out of pieces of old building timber and original handmade nails of which most are collected by himself. Most paintings and sculptures are inhabited by small human “Joyfullies”.

Erik has exhibited at City Halls and Art Galleries in various Danish provincial towns.

He has been portrayed on Danish Television.

He has recently exhibited with is son Søren Flygenring Basset who is also an artist as well as being a chemical engineer. Together they represent a world of fantasy and beauty.



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Jim Hamilton  

Jim and his wife Cathy have lived on properties in rural NSW. Him, an ex-builder, draws on their beautiful gardens for inspiration and welds in his shed using left-over steel pieces. Cathy hand paints the pieces that are welded by Jim. This

gives each sculpture a unique character. The Agapanthus sculptures are made of steel and painted to represent the mauve and white flowers. They never die and flower all year round.

They were created by Jim in a time of intense drought in regional NSW.



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David Ball 

David Ball won the Sculpture by the Sea Bondi major prize in 2017 the first time he exhibited there. He hand-builds his monumental sculptures, engineering feats that often appear to defy gravity.

David was born into the bush and has always lived on its edges. It has given him everything he values as a sculptor.


David Ball’s work is derived from forms observed in nature. From the molecular to celestial then distilled, simplified and imagined. Finally scaled up or down to sit easily in the landscape.

David has been sculpting for more than two decades. His early works sold into private collections but nearly all his latest sculptures are public commissions in locations ranging from Middle Harbour, Sydney, and Rowville, Victoria, to Goulburn and Shellharbour, NSW.



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Michael Purdy 

Versatile multi-award-winning sculptor Michael Purdy is a member of the exclusive Sculpture by the Sea Decade Club, comprising international sculptors who have exhibited at

the Bondi show 10 times or more. Michael has been making public sculpture and private commissions for more than two decades and is one of Australia’s most-loved sculptors.


His most recent award is the Western Sydney University Acquisitive Sculpture Award 2016. In 2014 Michael was awarded the UWS UrbanGrowth Acquisitive Prize and he has won several Bondi Sculpture by the Sea prizes including the inaugural Sculpture Inside Curator’s Prize in 2010 and People’s Choice Award in 2005.


Major commissions include large-scale sandstone works at Fraser Motorcycles showroom and The Argyle nightclub in Sydney plus many private outdoor and indoor commissions.



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Katarina Wells

Austrian born Katarina Wells is a ceramic sculptor who lives and works from her studio in Clareville on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

She has been involved with ceramics for almost 20 years, exploring different materials from fine porcelain and paper clay to heavily textured stoneware clays. She is drawn to organic sculptural forms, finding inspiration in the natural bounty that surrounds her.

Most of her pieces ‘grow’ slowly over a period of up to a week, a process that allows her to step back and observe where a piece intends to go. Raw oxides and porcelain slip are used on many of her works, which allows for the tactile surface to remain.



Click here to download a catalogue of Ulan and Rachel’s artwork featured at Winmark Art Gallery


Ulan and Rachel

Collaborators in life and art Ulan Murray and Rachel Burns present works of pure beauty and elegance. The sculpture evokes a strong sense of place from around the globe and awaken memories of the past. Their works are made predominantly from copper and more recently corten steel. 

Ulan Murray is a lapsed biologist who has spent the last 10 years consolidating his arts practice. Rachel Burns is a practicing artist with over 30 years’ experience in the arts industry. She has an Honours Degree in Creative Arts from Wollongong University. 

The sculptures depict the equilibrium between the foliage and the root system of the tree – an image that is rarely conceived. The work becomes a meditation on the environment: from the monumentality of landscape to the minutiae. 



Click here to download a catalogue of Simon Zablotsky artwork featured at Winmark Art Gallery


Simon Zablotsky

In 1992 Simon decided to pursue his passion for art and design and moved from engineering to form a business creating sculptural metal works incorporating various timber elements. After completing his studies in Fine Furniture Design and Making at UTAS Tasmania he set

up his workshop in Toronto, NSW, and his first large scale commission was design and fabrication of the joinery for the Federal Courts of Australia, Sydney Queen Square Law

Courts which commenced 2008 and completed in 2010.


Another great passion of Simon’s is the environment and often the flowing forms and organic shapes find their way into his designs. He likes to think about his designs as being timeless, heirlooms of the future, maintaining value, being functional and resting comfortably in the architecture of today. Simon has developed a unique style that embodies the essence of the Australian landscape, inspired by forms of Aboriginal artefacts.


Simon has won awards from the Australian Wood Review and had a piece acquired in the permanent collection of the Tasmanian Design Centre, which was featured on ABC’s Collectors. Many of his public art commissions and be viewed in the Hunter and Illawarra regions and he has worked collaboratively with a number of wellknown artists and sculptors.